Kiyo Fabrics - Linens

Irish Linen - 100% flax

  1. Belfast's Best Handkerchief Linen
  2. This exquisite light weight linen is recommended for christening gowns. It is 60" wide, $24.95 per yard, and available in white only.

  3. 1000 Series Cambric linen
  4. This is balanced weave with a low thread count, 45" wide and $29.50 per yard.

    White* Light Yellow Light Blue

    *Note - The White series 100 is without surface finishing and is recommended for historic custom undergarments.

  5. 1200 Series Cambric Linen
  6. This is a balance weave with a higher thread count than the series 1000. It is recommended for Maderia Applique by hand or machine. Fabrics are 45" wide and $29.50 per yard.

    Light Pink Light Blue Yellow Navy
  7. 1200 Series Linen Lawn
  8. This the highest thread count in the series, balanced weave, 60" wide, and $37.50 per yard.

    Black Ecru
    Antique Linen

    The fibers are 100% linen flax, 60" wide, and $21.50 per yard. This has the look of antique or vintage linen garments and is recommended for Christening gowns. It is available in oyster white only.

Embroidery Linens

  1. Table Top - 54" wide - $29.95 per yard
  2. White

    Recommended for tablecloths, napkins, guest towels, church linens, and cutwork.

  3. Irish Church Linen - 60" wide - $48.95 per yard - White only
  4. White

    Recommended for fine alter cloths and fair linens

  5. Linen Birdseye Toweling - 17" wide - $21.98 per yard