Kiyo Fabrics - Polycottons

We offer the finest available polycottons and are a retail on-line source for Spechler-Vogel™ textiles as shown in many sewing magazines.

Imperial Broadcloth™

This fabric is 35% cotton and 65% polyester, 45" wide and $5.25 per yard.

Due to the technical issues of producing accurate color images, we can only provide an approximation of the true colors.

imp bc white
imp bc pink
503 Pink
imp bc pink crocus
504 Pink Crocus
imp bc prissy pink
505 Prissy Pink
imp bc pagoda pink
507 Pagoda Pink
imp bc watercolor blue
509 Watercolor Blue
imp bc ming blue
510 Ming Blue
imp bc ocean blue
511 Ocean Blue
imp bc cornflower blue
513 Cornflower
imp bc moonbeam
514 Moonbeam
imp bc lemon ice
515 Lemon Ice
imp bc rice
519 Rice
imp bc flax
522 Flax
imp bc wisteria
524 Wisteria
imp bc tea green
528 Tea Green
imp bc banner blue
534 Banner Blue
imp bc melon
535 Melon
imp bc wild coral
538 Wild Coral
imp bc raspberry
553 Raspberry
imp bc grey
560 Grey
imp bc skipper blue
561 Skipper Blue
imp bc purple
563 Purple
imp bc peacock
564 Peacock
imp bc kelly
567 Kelly Green
imp bc red baron
575 Red Baron
imp bc navy
578 Navy
imp bc black
579 Black
imp bc nude
582 Nude
imp bc seafoam
585 Seafoam
imp bc sonic green
588 Sonic Green
imp bc lavendar
590 Lavender
imp bc british tan
592 British Tan
imp bc dusty rose
593 Dusty Rose
imp bc Wburg blue
594 Williamsburg Blue
imp bc eggplant
596 Eggplant
imp bc stop sign red
598 Stop Sign Red
imp bc ballet pink
599 Ballet Pink