Kiyo Fabrics - Silks

Kiyo's luxurious silks are the highest quality fabrics for all your special occasional projects such as evening wear, weddings, lingerie, bridal accessories. We carry a stock inventory and work with our distributors to keep dye-lots consistent.


This fabric is 45" wide and $21.98 per yard.

White Champagne Ecru Melon Seafoam
Black Periwinkle

Crepe de Chine

This fabric is 45" wide and $19.98 per yard

White Champagne Yellow Pink Peach
Red Beige Black

Dupioni - Shantung

  1. Solid Colors
  2. These fabrics have the same color in both warp and weft of the weave, and has occasional fiber slubs that create its distinctive texture. Fabrics are are 45" wide and $17.98 per yard

    White Ivory Cream Old Gold Light Pink
    Purple Navy Emerald Peacock Blue Christmas Red
    Stop Sign Red Royal Blue Black Coral Hunter Green
    Peach Egg Custard
  3. Cross woven colors
  4. These fabrics are cross woven having the warp in one color and the weft in a different color which creates a shimmering effect. This fabrics are 45"wide and $17.98 per yard.

    Iridescent Gold (gold &fushia) Burgundy (deep red & black)
    Iridescent Royal Blue (royal blue & deep red) Iridescent Pumpkin (orange & fushia)
    Ocean Blue (cobalt blue & red) Lavender Ice (Lavender & white)
    Shimmering gold (gold & white) Coffee (Brown & black)
    Dark Chocolate (dark brown & black) Raspberry (fushia & red)
    Antique Olive (olive & black) Elegant Hunter (dark green & black)
    Hot Coral (red & orange) Sable (dark gray & black)
    Misty Lilac (purple & blue gray) Shimmering Gray (white & black)
    Cypress (spruce green & black) Antique Sage (spring green & black)
    Antique Seafoam (seafoam & black) Claret (black & wine)
    Aurora pink (orchid pink& gold) Hunter's Crimson (hunter green & Christmas red)
    Aubergine (dark mauve & black) Nile Green (emerald green & white)
    Cloud (white & medium blue) Riviera Blue (dark copen blue & black)
    Antique Puce (red rust & black)
  5. Dupioni
  6. These fabrics have a higher thread count with less slubs, and both warp and weft are the same color. These fabrics are 54" wide and $21.98 per yard.

    White Pink Celery Green Ice Blue Rose Blush
    Moonlight Lavender

Matka Suitings

These fabrics are 45" wide and $22.50 per yard.

Wheat Pink Buttercup Vermillion Evergreen
Olive Rust Fawn Navy Lagoon Blue
Ivory Peach Black


These crisp, sheer fabrics are 45" wide and $15.98 per yard.

White Ivory Ecru Pink Black
Navy Burgundy Kelly Green


These sheer, soft fabrics are 54" wide and $29.95 per yard.

White Champagne Red Black


These are crisp, tightly woven fabrics that are 54" wide and $29.95.

White Ivory Ecru Light Pink Olive

Duchess Satin

These fabrics have a high luster and are 60% silk and 40% rayon, 52" wide and $39.95 per yard.

White Light Blue Light Pink Apricot Yellow

Crushed Metallic Silk

These fabrics are woven as 45"wide and then crushed which reduces the width. These are cross woven silk and metallic fibers. These are $21.95 per yard.

Gold Rose Silver

China Silk

These light weight fabrics can be used for blouses, lingerie, antique doll costuming, and linings. These fabris are 45" wide and $10.95 per yard.

White Ecru Baby Pink Light Blue-gray Cream
Black Burgundy Navy Jade Green Hunter Green
Lavender Sage Rose

Silk Charmeuse

These beautiful fabrics have a luster to one fabric face, which enhances the versatility of the fabrics. These are the luxurious fabrics with a soft drape and make beautiful blouses, dresses, and lingerie. Fabrics are 45"wide and $21.95 per yard.

White Ecru Cream Shell pink Black
Navy Periwinkle

Cross-woven Metallic Silk

These fabrics are cross woven with silk and a metallic like fiber which have a shimmering look. Due to the metallic fibers, the fabrics are stiff, yet can be tailored and shaped. Fabrics are 45" wide and-$14.95 per yard.

Black/silver White/silver Purple/gold Navy/emerald green

Silk Mousson

These fabrics have a 1/4" cross rib square texture. Fabrics are 45" wide and $19.95 per yard.

Black Ivory Navy Old Gold


These beautiful deep pile fabrics are 18% silk & 82% rayon, 45" wide. and $24.95 per yard.

Black Midnight Blue Winter White Garnet Hunter Green